AcWriMo Reflection 4 and 5

So I inadvertently answered Reflection 4’s prompt in my Reflection 3 answer: How is your perspective on your subject completely unique? I am writing from the perspective of someone who was working contingently at a regional (rural) state comprehensive. It’s not unique insofar as the majority of faculty work at places like where I was, but unique in the sense that NO ONE WRITES ABOUT IT. Not much. Not really.

So, having covered that, we move to Reflection 5: What is my project about?

How academia limits choices of women, punishes women. How we can make choices that empower us when facing those limitations. How can we use that agency to improve higher education for the better. What we do when we inevitably fail. How we redefine success.

This has really come clear to me during these reflections (YAY!) in a way that wasn’t before. This is the thread that holds it all together, and keeps the reader engaged. I think I need to make more explicit the latter part of what the book is about. But that’s good. It gives me direction, energy.




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